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* You will receive a $10.00 coupon code for each friend you refer upon their first purchase.

** $10.00 coupon code valid on purchases of $50.00 or more.

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“Refer a Friend” program

To thank you for helping us spread the word about SHOPICO, we have created a program that will make it simple for you to recommend SHOPICO to your friends in exchange for promo code rewards. Under this program, you will receive a promotional code with a $10 value when each friend you refer makes their first purchase, on the condition that they have never made a SHOPICO purchase in the past.

Receiving promo codes

If, through your referrals, at least one of the friends you refer subscribes to the SHOPICO newsletter and makes a purchase, you will receive a promo code with a $10 value that is applicable on purchases of $50 or more. The more friends you refer, the greater your chance to receive promo codes. Note that these promo codes cannot be combined, redeemed for cash or transferred. Only one promo code may be redeemed per purchase, and codes may only be used once.

Offer eligibility and duration

Your friend must make a purchase in the 10 days following the receipt of your invitation.

Using the promo code

Promo codes are valid for 3 months from the date you receive them by email. To redeem, simply enter the promo code in the “Do you have a promo code” field when making your next purchase that has a value of $50 or more.

Delivery of promo codes

You will receive your promo code as quickly as possible after your friend purchases an offer you have sent to them.

Specific conditions

In order to receive the promo code, your referred friend must subscribe to the SHOPICO newsletter through your invitation. This is the only way for us to determine who should receive the reward. In the case of fraudulent practices, SHOPICO reserves the right to withhold or cancel one or more promotional codes.

Procedure in the case of non-receipt of promo codes

First ensure that your friend purchased an offer on SHOPICO after subscribing through your invitation. If they did, check the Spam folder in your email inbox. If, after making these verifications, you still cannot find the promo code, email [email protected].

Modification or cancellation of the “Refer a Friend” program

Note that SHOPICO reserves the right to temporarily or permanently modify or cancel the “Refer a Friend” program at any time, with or without prior notice. In no event shall SHOPICO be liable for the modification, suspension or cancellation of the “Refer a Friend” program.


When you send an invitation to a friend on Facebook, you must indicate that you wish to be eligible to receive a promo code in the event your friend subscribes to the newsletter and makes a first purchase on SHOPICO. If you fail to do so, SHOPICO reserves the right to withhold or cancel the promo code.


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