BERKANA COMMUNICATIONS LTD. operating as i.d. associates Privacy Statement

We, at BERKANA COMMUNICATIONS Ltd., recognize the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of the personal information that we may have concerning any individual. We are committed to safeguarding the personal information we have or control concerning any individual.

Your Privacy Rights

BERKANA COMMUNICATIONS Ltd. manages your personal information in compliance with Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and will comply in certain circumstances with the federal privacy law, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPDEA), as required.

Why We Collect Personal Information

We collect personal information for the purposes of providing you with services on our Website.

What personal information do we collect?

We collect information only by lawful and fair means. We collect your personal information directly from you. By using our Website and providing the information we request, we are entitled to assume that we have your consent to collect, use and, in accordance with law and this privacy statement, disclose the information. Our privacy statement is your notice of the purposes for which we collect, use or disclose your personal information or business contact information. By using our Website and providing information requested, you consent that we may obtain this relevant information from:

  • You.
  • Credit Card, or Debit Card information


  • When you use our Website and provide information, we determine that consent has been implied for us to collect, use and disclose personal information in a reasonable manner.
  • There are certain circumstances where we are required or permitted by law, to collect, use and disclose personal information without consent. We will handle all personal information confidentially and will substantiate the legal authority to collect, use and disclose personal information in these circumstances.

Under certain circumstances, we will disclose your personal information without your consent:

  • when we are required or authorized by law to do so, for example, if a court issues a subpoena.
  • when the use of the information is necessary to respond to an emergency that threatens the life, health or security of an individual or the public.
  • when it is necessary to establish or collect our fees; or
  • if the information is already publicly known.

Use of Your Information

We use your personal information to provide services on our Website and to arrange for Credit Card or Debit Card billing through the Moneris Payment Gateway, or similar service. We will also use your personal information for statistical purposes to allow us, from time to time, to improve or enhance our service.

We do not disclose or sell your personal information or business contact information to any third party to enable them to market their products and services.

Who do we release information to?

When we release information about you, it is done to serve specific needs, in the course of providing services. We may provide information to:

  • Our staff and agents who use the information for the reasonable business purpose of providing you with services;
  • To Moneris Payment Processing for the purpose of processing your payment for services or products you purchase; and
  • Third Parties from whose Websites you have been linked to our Website, for the reasonable business purpose of providing you with services.

Accuracy of Your Information

You have the right to request a correction of the personal information that we hold about you. We rely on you to provide us with accurate and up-to-date personal information for the purposes of providing you with services on our Website. If you determine that any of the information you have provided to us is erroneous or need correction, please inform us so that we can make any necessary changes.

How do we protect your personal information?

In order to protect your personal information, we will:

  • Not collect, use or disclose your personal information for any purpose other than those we identify to you or are reasonably evident.
  • Only disclose your personal information to those persons who have a need to know your personal information for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement.
  • Keep your personal information only for as long as needed it to fulfill the stated purpose or as required by law.
  • Maintain your personal information in as accurate, complete and up-to-date a form as possible.
  • Keep your personal information physically secure.
  • Maintain technological safeguards for your sensitive personal information.

Access to your personal information

You may request access to the personal information we have about you. The request must be in writing and directed to our privacy officer identified below. We will charge a reasonable fee for retrieval and copying of your personal information. If the retrieval or copying or your request is extensive, we will notify you of the fee prior to retrieval and copying.

Can I be Denied Access to My Personal Information?

There are exceptions to your right to access your personal information. By law, we must deny access when:

  • your file contains personal information on a third party and the information cannot be severed to maintain the privacy of the third party information.
  • required or authorized by law.

We have the right to deny access to your information and may deny access when

your information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings.

If we deny your request for access to, or refuse a request to correct information, we shall explain why. In all cases we will attempt to mediate a resolution if possible.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

We may review and change our Privacy Statement from time to time in order to update our privacy commitment to you in keeping with current privacy laws.

Contact Information & Resources

Please contact our Privacy Officer at the address below or access our website under Privacy, if you:

  • Wish to access your personal information.
  • Wish to change your consent regarding the manner in which we collect, use and disclose your personal information as outlined in our Privacy Statement.
  • Have concerns about our privacy policies or how we have handled your personal information - Leo Liersch, Privacy Manager and contact information.

Leo Liersch, Privacy Manager, i.d. associates, 780-428-4343.

If you are not satisfied with our response, the Privacy Commissioner of Alberta can be reached at:
Phone: 1-888-878-4044

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