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One hour Live Master wine


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One (1) electronic gift certificate valued at $59.98 applicable towards one (1) master wine for one (1 ) hour of LIVE online training with Bartending.com.

This class is tailored to the aficionado wine drinker who wants a fun but thorough introduction to the wonderful world of wines.

Learn the fundamentals of wine, wine tasting and wine appreciation. More specifically, gain a better understanding of how to critically judge wine color, aroma, flavor and body.

Introduction to wine concepts such as dryness, acidity, fruitiness, tannins, grape varieties, vintages and more.

  • Part 1: Varietal tasting in pinacular regions of three distinct countries.
  • Part 2: Vinification, grape varieties and wine categories.
  • Part 3: Wine classification and major wine-producing countries.
  • Part 4: Selection and service.

About the company

The International Master School of Bartending Training Class, (est. 1981) is celebrating 40 years of Training.


Bartending.com (A)
1750 Rue Saint-André
1620 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H2L 3T8
Phone: 514-849-2828


  • Cannot be combined with any offer or promotion.
  • Redeem your gift certificate by calling or texting at 514.849.2828 on weekdays between 9 am and 8 pm or by emailing [email protected]. Please mention where you purchased your gift certificate and have your gift certificate number ready.
  • The student is deemed to be present unless he / she has moved his / her course at least 24 hours in advance. Additional charges may apply for changes.

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