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L'espace Bleu Saint-Jean sur Richelieu

A chromotherapy session


About the offer

One (1) electronic gift certificate valued at $103.48 applicable towards one (1) chromotherapy session at L'Espace Bleu.


  • One (1) thirty (30) minute accompaniment with one (1) therapist to do the color test you need that day;
  • One (1) thirty (30) minute session in the Chromozome;
  • Twenty (20) minutes in the cocooning room.

About the company

Chromotherapy is a therapeutic approach, increasingly used in the world, stimulating certain physical, emotional and even spiritual aspects in human beings. Each color has a beneficial effect on our cells, our mood and even our vital energy. Thanks to a visual and cutaneous perception, the color chosen according to the need of the moment will act gently in order to optimize or calm certain aspects in imbalance. This approach uses all the colors in the light spectrum which will then be projected onto your entire body.

Each color has a different wavelength that the skin is able to perceive, thus sending messages to the heart of our cells and helping them readjust themselves.

Binaural sounds are part of that experience.
They are credited with a thousand and one virtues: they would uncouple our creativity and our intelligence, they could cure hyperactivity, they would soothe pain, they would improve sex life and sleep, they would help with relaxation and meditation, they would reduce stress and anxiety, etc.

A true brain spa


L'espace Bleu Saint-Jean sur Richelieu (A)
101-200 Rue MacDonald
Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec J3B 8J6
Phone: 514-974-8816



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