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Available for purchase March 21, 10:00 am
$64.00 Value
Les Super glissades de St-Jean de Matha
Two tickets

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One (1) gift certificate that entitles you to the following package at Super Glissades St-Jean-de-Matha:

  • Entry ticket for two (2) people.

Applicable any season, no expiry.

  • Present your certificate at the ticket office. Keep it in a safe place. The code on each coupon is unique and invalidates itself when scanned at the counter and cannot be used more than once. The credit card used for the purchase must be presented at the counter and the last four numbers must correspond with those of the ticket.

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About the Company

Les Super Glissades have been popular for over 25 years. The Snow Tubing Super Glissades in Saint-Jean-de-Matha are a must for any family, school or corporate activities.... and/or for those who enjoy living on the edge.  In fact, the Rafting hillside offers the fastest ride in Quebec that exceeds 100km/hour on a very cold day.  With its 30 night slides on both hillside, everyone can have some fun.

In addition, the site offers other activities such as the ice ring, the sleigh, the snowshoes, country skiing, and different kind of lodging. 


Les Super Glissades de St-Jean-de-Matha
2650 Rte Louis-Cyr
Saint-Jean-de-Matha, Quebec J0K 2S0
Phone: 450-886-9301