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Available for purchase April 18, 10:00 am
$50.00 Value
Strøm Spa Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Access for one person - bathrobe included

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What you get

One (1) electronic gift certificate valued at $50 exchangeable at Strom Spa Mont St-Hilaire, applicable towards access to the thermal experience for (1) person (including bathrobe rental).

Opening in the spring of 2018!

* This offer is applicable from Monday to Thursday, as well as every night after 6 p.m., except holidays, events and during high season. In order to profit from its full value, it is to your advantage to use the certificate between Monday and Thursday before 6 p.m.

  • No cash value except as prescribed by law.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.
  • A printed version of the SHOPICO gift certificate is required in order to profit from this offer.
  • Valid Monday to Thursday only, or after 6 p.m. daily.
    • Not valid on holidays, or high season.
    • Not valid during events.

Taxes are included in the value of this offer.
This electronic gift certificate is printable.

About the Company

Strom Spa at Mont St-Hilaire: Opening spring of 2018!

The thermal experience is based on a relaxation ritual alternating hot and cold, followed by a period of intense relaxation. In two or three hours, it helps to reduce stress and revive the body and mind. Practicable twelve months a year, rain or shine, the thermal experience helps eliminate toxins, relax the muscles, improve the quality of sleep and strengthen the immune system.


Strøm Spa
641 Ch De La Montagne
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec J3G 4S6
Phone: 514-666-6772