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Available for purchase April 18, 10:00 am
$236.00 Value
Chic Lave-Auto écologique Quartier Dix-30
Complete package-car

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What you get

One (1) electronic gift certificate valued at $236 exchangeable towards the complete car package at Chic Lave-Auto.

The package includes:

  • Outside/Inside wash;
  • Complete interior vacuum cleaner;
  • Dusting the passenger compartment;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Washing rims;
  • Tire shine;
  • Professional body paint sealant with premium wax that protects the vehicle from the elements (Optimum car care);
  • Decontamination of the paint;
  • Windshield treatment (Aqua gloss).
  • Plan an extra $12 for SUVs and $20 for big trucks.
  • Reservations are mandatory 450.486.4994.
  • No cash value except as prescribed by law.

Taxes are included in the value of this offer.
This electronic gift certificate is printable.

About the Company

Chic Lave-Auto Ecologique has been working in the field of automotive aesthetics since June 2014.
Car wash by hand ideally located in the underground parking lot of the Square in Quartier DIX30, you can shop, dine at the restaurant or enjoy a cinema session. The Chic Lave-Auto team will take care of your car and make it perfectly cleaned on your return.

Impeccable service and considerable time savings!

A wide range of services is available on site and we will be pleased to serve you.


Chic Lave-Auto écologique
9250, Leduc Boulevard
Sous-Sol 2-A
Brossard, Québec J4Y 0L1
Phone: 450-486-4994