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Available for purchase April 25, 10:00 am
$50.00 Value
RUBS American BBQ, Montreal & Laval
Montreal or Laval

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What you get

Get one (1) electronic gift certificate valued at $50 exchangeable at RUBS American BBQ in Montreal or in Laval.

Try our beef brisket smoked for 14 hours, tender and full of flavor; a must for American barbecue enthusiasts or our large smoked pork ribs St. Louis cut, cooked slowly at low . temperature and marinated in our RUBS spices. Voted the best ribs in the Greater Metropolitan.

  • No cash value, no refunds and no exchanges except as prescribed by law.
  • Maximum of one (1) gift certificate per two (2) adults, per visit.
  • Available at both (2) locations.
  • Not valid on take-out or the lunch menu.
  • Tips are not included.

Taxes are included in the value of this offer.
This electronic gift certificate is printable.

About the Company

The American BBQ is an institution in itself. Unlike meats that are grilled rapidly at high temperatures over a direct flame, American Barbercue cooks the meat slowly and gently through the smoke from the firewood; the distinction of RUBS recipes is that they are designed with sweet Quebec maple for a taste like no other.

There is a cooking method for each cut. Quebecers like pink cooked ham or classing Montreal steamed smoked meat. The American Barbecue smoked meat appears red on the inside, but don't get us wrong, it is well cooked. The ultimate test is to take your towel and apply it on an inside part of the meat and if your towel does not turn red, you have a well-cooked meat, or even better say: smoked to perfection.

Our smokers cook the meat for 2 to 14 hours, depending on the cut: beef, pork, poultry, fish and even our vegetables are smoked. We fill our smokehouses with a large amount of assorted meats, but due to long hours of cooking required, your choice might not be available, so come early and choose quickly!


RUBS American BBQ (Laval)
699 Curé-Labelle Blvd
Sainte-Rose, Quebec H7L 5R7
Phone: 450-937-5558

RUBS American BBQ (Montréal)
17 Prince-Arthur E St
Montréal, Quebec H2X 1B2
Phone: 514-303-2363