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Available for purchase January 09, 10:00 am
$50.00 Value
Action 500 Karting & Paintball
Test your driving skills!

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What you get

Test your driving skills with one (1) gift card applicable towards three (3) races of ten (10) minutes each.

  • Each gift card can be applied for use by one (1) person only.
  • Valid from Sunday to Friday only.
  • Underage players must present a written parental authorization, available at


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About the Company

Located in the heart of Montreal, Action 500 Karting Paintball offers the largest indoor paintball fields and go-kart track centre in Canada!

Come and test your driving skills on the only 9hp karts in the region, or bring your family and drive our double or junior go-kart adapted to kids of all ages. Additionally, take part in an action paintball game with your family, friends and colleagues on our large paintball fields.

Action 500 specializes in group events and offers custom packages including professional entertainment for corporate events, groups of friends, childrens' birthdays, bachelor parties, etc...


Action 500 Montréal
5592 Hochelaga St
Montréal, Quebec H1N 3L7
Phone: 514-254-4244

Action 500 Laval
2025 Desste Nord Laval (A-440) O
Laval, Quebec H7L 3W3
Phone: 514-254-4244