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Available for purchase August 16, 10:00 am
$50.00 Value
Garage LaFinesse
Car maintenance
What You Get
Company Details

You have XX minutes to complete this order.

What You Get

One (1) electronic gift certificate valued at $50 applicable towards car maintenance services at Garage LaFinesse.

  • One (1) gift certificate per vehicule.
  • No cash value except as prescribed by law.
  • No refunds except as prescribed by law.

Taxes are included in the value of this offer.
This electronic gift certificate is printable.

About the Company

The maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, tractors, agricultural equipment, etc., of the University's administrative units are carried out by our mechanics. We keep a complete record of all the work that has been done on each unit. The same applies to the maintenance of light truck fleets.

Main services:

Preventive maintenance of vehicles, complete verification;
Oil change, lubrication;
Tire change and storage;
Change of brakes;
Diagnosis of problems indicated, test drive;
Assessment of repair or replacement costs;
Adjustment required by manufacturers' specifications;
Complete repair as required;
Suspension, tuning, electronic injection;
Exhaust system, air conditioning, on-board computer scanner.


Garage LaFinesse
3785 Taschereau
St-Hubert, Québec
Phone: 450.443.1333 

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